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Reka Corporation

Food & Health




Indian Grill & Sports Bar Reka (Nishi Kasai branch)


Real taste by cooks from North & South India and Nepal


- レカママより

Thank you for using us. In order to avoid the spread of Corona infections, we will take a break until this corona situation gets better. When we restart we will let you know through this website and our FB page.  Meanwhile, the Kasai branch is open. We request you to kindly visit our Kasai branch. Please take care of your health.

- Reka aunty


Enjoy under one roof, food from different parts of India



〒134-0088 東京都江戸川区西葛西3-22-6-110





Indian Home Food restaurant & Rekha aunty moved from Nishi Kasai to Kasai. After that we called a team of chefs from North & South India and Nepal to offer genuine tastes from various places.

Indo-Asian Restaurant 'Reka'

3-22-6-110 Nishi Kasai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 134-0088

(In Kojimacho Danchi Building No 6)

Open hours:



南インドのターリ South Indian thali   


This set includes 1 utappam, rice, rassam, sambar, vegetable curry and porial. Finely made by a South Indian cook.

西葛西レカ・スーパーセット Super set  


This set includes biryani, naan, tandoori chicken, seekh kebab, 2 curries of your choice, raita, salad and 1 drink. Finely made by a North Indian cook.

カレーライス・セット Curry Rise Set   


A set including one curry of your choice, rice and salad. Good for lunch or a quick meal. We prepare healthy north and east Indian style curries with minimal oil and wide variety of spices.

レカ・セット Reka Set 


A set including two curries of your choice, chicken tikka, seekh kebab, nan, rice and salad. Highly filling set in which you can enjoy food of different tastes. We prepare healthy north and east Indian style curries with minimal oil and wide variety of spices. 

ネパール・セット Nepal Set

日本在住のネパール人シェフや店主は印度料理に没頭。少し残念。そこで、レカは ネパール料理の素朴さを表現するこのセットを提供することに。ダール、タルカリ、ほうれん草炒め、アチャル、チャツネ、パパッド、ご飯とサラダを含む美味しいセットです。お勧めです。

Most of the Nepalese cooks and restaurant owners are immersed in Indian food. Hence, Reka decided to provide this set with simple Nepalese food. Includes daal, tarkari, spinach fry, pickles, chutney, papad, rice & salad. Everything is tasty. Recommended!!

数カスのタンドゥルその他スナック料理 Varities of tandour and other recipes, snacks


Chicken tandour, chicken tikka, chicken chilli, tandour wings, tandour prawns, mutton masala, seekh kebab, samosa, pakoda, besan toast etc. All recipes are made fresh to your order.

ネパールのスナック料理 Snacks from Nepalese cuisine


Nepalese fast food is interesting and tasty. Nepal has crafted its own cooking methods having impacted by the Chinese and Indian food. The spicy effect of chilli and Chinese pepper. Just tasty although spicy. Enjoy some tasty recipes like momo, choila, sukti etc.

レカの内装。家族で楽しめるスポーティーな雰囲気。Interior of Reka. A very sporty ambiance where you can enjoy with family.

You can enjoy table cricket, carom, table soccer, air hockey, mini billiards and so on.


Reka receives Edogawa ward mayor's best restaurant award 2016  レカが2016年江戸川区優良商店賞を受賞。

西葛西の旅「一日コース」 A day in Nishi Kasai

We've loved every minute of our journey

西葛西の町  Town of Nishi Kasai


Nishi Kasai is a small and convenient town at 14 min of distance from Tokyo (Otemachi station) by Touzai line. Its population is around 40,000. Includes around 4,000 foreigners.

西葛西駅  Nishi Kasai Station


Touzai line started running in 1969. Nishi Kasai station opened in 1979. There is a taxi stand in north exit and bus stand in south exit. More movement in north side as this side has department store etc.

行船公園  Gyosen Park


Spend morning time in Gyosen park which is at around 10 min walk from the station. It has a Japanese garden, zoo and so on. The zoo is free and you can also hold the animals. The variety of animals is wide.

レカ西葛西で食事  Lunch at Reka Nishi Kasai


Lunch at Nishi Kasai. You can enjoy north / east India or Nepalese cuisine while watching cricket match. You can also know a bit about Indian sports players.

葛西臨海公園  Kasai RInkai Park


Visit Kasai Rinkai Park after the lunch. You can ride the giant wheel or take a walk in the wonderful greens. There is lot to enjoy in this large park. Aquarium also a good place.

バッティングセンター  Batting Center


You can try some batting at the batting center. Its fun. You can choose various speeds. Both left and right handed people can enjoy.

陶芸教室「たびびとの木」 Pottery Tabibito No Ki


Spending 'one's own' time while making utensils. (Requires prior booking.

Tel: 03-5676-8861


西葛西での夕食  Dinner in Nishi Kasai


Nishi Kasai has good restaurants for Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Ramen etc. You may come back to Reka (LoL).

住居関連  Residing in Nishi Kasai


Has large buildings of UR, Koudan and private constructors as well. Very convenient for residing. A 2DK mansion costs around 8 to 10 man yen. Shopping is convenient. Too many game centers & pachinko might affect the kids though. Cradles are insufficient. Many foreigners, including Indians, settled down in Nishi Kasai as UR Toshi Kikou loosened the norms for entry into its residences.