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Reka Corporation

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Vaala chi usaL

Posted by [email protected] on 29 June, 2015 at 22:20

Vaala chi usaL






Indian home food restaurant Reka. Tomorrow's plan is field beans (vaala in maraaThi, surti paapDi/vaal in Gujaraati, machoi in tamil) curry.

Vaal is high in proteins, multiple vitamins (A, B complex, E etc) and fibre and is said to be effective against diabetics, cancer and fatigue. This bean actually has a wrotten smell but when sprouted it gives out a very special sweet and sour smell/taste.

In order to sprout the beans, soak them into water for a night and then wrap tightly in a cotton cloth for around a day and a half. Then peel off the outer covering which is a bit hard and bitter. Today, mom and myself did this peeling work for hours to just finish it in the midnight. A bit relieved!

Now we can serve the vaala chi usaL to our customers tomorrow. Feeling glad.

Orignal field beans

Sproted peeled beans

The vaal usal (a type of curry formation)

Categories: Food

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