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Cafe & Indian Home Food Restaurant Reka (Kasai main branch)
Enjoy home food in a family environment at "Indian Home Food Restaurant Reka"

いつもご愛顧頂き誠にありがとうございます。カフェ&印度家庭料理店レカ(葛西本店は、火曜日~日曜日、11:30~15:00 LOで通常営業します。夕方からの部は6名以上のご予約を承ります。月曜日は定休日です。ご不便をお掛けしますが、何卒宜しくお願いします。お身体に気を付けてください。レカママより

Thank you for using Indian Home Food Restaurant Reka (Kasai main branch). Reka will be open between 11:30 and 15:00 LO. We will take bookings for the evening session for 6 and more people. Mondays are holidays. We apologize for the inconvenience and request for your continued support. Please take good care of your health. From Reka Aunty



At Indian Home Food Restaurant Reka (Rekha), as our name suggests, we strive to serve homely food. We make sincere effort to prepare oil-free, healthy food, as a mom prepares at home..
At Indian Home Food Restaurant Reka, we do not even serve naan. Naan, a food not easy to digest, is not eaten in Indian homes or ordered in restaurants on regular basis. In Indian homes, mothers spend effort to make chapati (or poli in marathi language) that is easily digestible & healthy.. 
Also, we do not serve all kinds of curries everyday. Like a home, we make select curries with mom's taste, normally 2 vegetarian curries and 2 non-vegetarian curries everyday.

Cafe & Indian Home Food 'Reka'
Reka Kasai HO: 6-23-11 Higashi Kasai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo

Open hours:
Tue - Sun: 11:30~15:00(LO)、18:00~21:30(LO)
Holiday: Monday

レカの外観。芝生の素敵なテーブル席での食事も。。。 Reka exterior. You can enjoy food over the tables in the lawn.

Reka's interior. You can use it as a dating spot. And time flies in the peaceful space...


Reka's main menu. Food based on traditional recipe with thorough health conscious.

ベリー・スペシャル・セット Very special set


Delicately prepared four different curries, slowly cooked real biryani, raita, chapatis and salad make this gorgeous set. The differentiating taste of every curry will give you a joy of eating real Indian home food.

サトウィク・アーハール Satvik Ahar (日曜のお昼のみ Sunday afternoon only)


Satvik ahar is a quality diet based on Ayurveda and Yoga. It uses natural and seasonal materals like whole grams, vegetable, fruits, limited spices and least possible amount of oil. It excludes Rajasik (agitative or stimulative) foods like coffee, tea, alcohol etc and Tamasic (sedative or static) foods like meat, onion, garlic, alcohol etc.

チキン・ビリャニ Chicken Biryani 


Biryani is made by arranging rice & thick biryani gravy in layers inside a special biryani pot which is steamed on a small flame for long hours. The rice and sauce flavors come together to form the most aromatic combination. At Reka we use around 40 spices like nutmeg, mace, cumin, pepper, clove, cardamom, Cinnamon, bay leaf, coriander, mint, ginger, onion and garlic etc to make a tasty biryani.

手作りスイーツ Hand-made sweets


Homely sweets delicately made from high quality raw material. Different varieties of laddoos and burfies, jalebi, gulab jamoon, chivda, shev and many other sweets made everyday.

セットメニュー(大) Set menu (Large) 


Set menu (large) includes two curries from todays menu, salad, rice and 2 chapatis made from wheat. Curries are delicately prepared to serve home taste. We have select menu for everyday. We do not serve nan as it is not a home food.

イドリ・ドーサセット Idli-dosa set 


Dosa is a popular south Indian light food which is very easy to digest. Dosa is a crepe made from paste of rice and urad beans. The thickness can be customized to your wish. Enjoy our home taste idli and dosa, a bit different from the ones served in other restaurants,

ミサル・パウ Misal paav


 Misal Paav is a delicious snack available at most of the small & Big Hotels in western India. “Misal” means mix bean curry and “paav” means bread. You can have it as a nice breakfast or as a quick lunch. Main ingredients: Beans, special misal masala, coriander, onion, tomato, cooking oil etc

サブダナ・キチュディ Sabudana khichadi  


Sabudana khichdi is western India’s breakfast delicacy. This khichidi is prepared from sago which is tapioca starch or cassava starch white granules. It is very light and easy to digest, and is said to be good for diabetic patients. Main ingredients: Tapioca, potato, peanuts, cumin, salt, sugar, cooking oil etc

アンダ・ブルジ  Anda burji 


Anda bhurji is a very popular and favorite dish for light dinner on moving food vans in Western India. Normally, people have anda bhurji and a fruit juice and then they take a short walk before going to bed. “Anda” means egg and “bhurji” means frying.. Main ingredients: Egg, onion, tomato, salt, cooking oil, turmeric, chilli

カンダ・ポヘ  Kanda pohe


Kanda pohe is the most basic breakfast or anytime snack dish of western India. It is so popular, and simple but difficult that this dish is normally used for testing the cooking skills of brides in case of arranged marriages as it can be prepared in less than 10 min. Main ingredients: Rice flakes, jeera, chilli, coriander, lemon

Other recipes available only at Reka, in all over Japan. Its possible to serve this recipes only because Reka mama is in the kitchen.

Sanza サンザ

Shira シーラー

Bhakri bhaji バクリ・バジ

Medu wada メドゥ・ワダ

Paratha パラタ

Dahi Pohe ダヒ・ポヘ

ThalpiT タールピット

Sabudana wada タピオカ・コロッケ

Idli sambar イドリ・サンバル

Samosa サモサ

FoDNi chi poLi フォドニ・チ・ポリ 

SabudaNa thalpiT タピオカ・タールピット

Dahi sabudana ダヒ・タピオカ

ShrikanD puri シュリカンド・プリ

Makai Tikki コーン・ティッキ

And some extra happiness. Well you may fill your stomachs with these...

Dahi shev puri ダヒ・シェウ・プリ

Rooh afza ルーフ・アフザ

Bhel ベール

Mastani マスタニ

Panipuri パニプリ

Faluda ファルダ

Sweets at Reka. Feel the homely simpleness and depth of taste...

Sweets platter スイーツ盛り合わせ

Besan laddoo ベサン粉ラッドゥー

Shankarpali salty シャンカルパリ塩味

Aamras 生マンゴー・パルプ

Anarsa アナルサ

Mango barfi マンゴー・バルフィ

TilguL 胡麻ジャガリボール

Deep fried modak 揚げモダック

Besan modak ベサン粉モダック

Gulab jamun グラブ・ジャムン

ChivDa チウダ

Rava besan laddoo ラワベサン・ラッドゥー

Shankarpali sweet シャンカルパリ甘

Shrikhand シュリカンド

Karanji カランジ

Besan barfi ベサン粉バルフィ

Chikki チッキ

Steamed modak 蒸しモダック

Boondi ke laddoo ブンディ・ラッドゥー

Gajar halwa 人参のハルワ

Sweets platter スイーツ盛り合わせ

Gond ke laddoo 食ノリのラッドゥー

Chakali チャクリ

Fruit salad フルーツ・サラダ

Shev シェウ

Aalepak 生姜バルフィ

Coconut barfi ココナッツ・バルフィ

Khavaa modak 凝縮ミルクモダック

Jalebi ジャレビ

Puran poli プラン・ポリ

印度食材や雑貨の販売     Sale of Indian grocery & other stuff

At Reka, we also sell some grocery and miscellaneous stuff. Everything is checked by Reka mama for good quality.

Spices, Mixed spices, Tea, Rice, Daal, packed food, pickles, fresh fruits, juices, Ayurvedic products, clothes etc

Walkway to Reka Kasai from Kasai Station   葛西駅から葛西レカまでの歩く道


Reka's media coverage   レカに関するマスコミ報道

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Reka receives Edogawa ward mayor's best restaurant award 2016   レカが2016年江戸川区優良商店賞を受賞。

葛西の旅「一日コース」 A day in Kasai

葛西の町  Town of Kasai

Kasai is a small and peaceful town at 16 min of distance from Tokyo (Otemachi station) by Touzai line. Its population is around 250,000.

葛西駅  Kasai Station

Touzai line started running in 1969. Kasai station also opened in same year. There is a taxi bus stand in south exit. The limousine for Narita & Haneda depart from north exit. Ward office is at 5min walk from north exit.

ウォール・クライミング Wall climbing

Morning time can be spent at Rock lands Kasai, which is one of the largest climbing gyms in Tokyo with both bouldering and lead climbing type of floors.

お昼はレカ葛西 Lunch at Reka Kasai

Lunch at Reka. Reka, an Indian mom will serve you healthy home food. Very special set is recommended for not so frequent visitors.

地下鉄博物館 Subway museum

Afternoon time can be spent at subway museum. Quite popular in kids, this museum has life size model of old Ginza line, a real life size driving simulator & model of Tokyo subway network.

湯処葛西 Kasai hot spring bath

The days fatigue can be taken away at hot spring bath. This place is economic but has steam sauna as well as open air bath. Free parking available.