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Learn about tourism in Japan and more!!

Top / best things to see / do in Tokyo - Day 1

Tokyo is a dynamic city with lots of cultural, traditional and new age things. The city is well connected with train and subway network. I would recommend you to take 1-2 day Metro subway pass to go around the city on your own. So, as soon as you are in Tokyo or in-fact even before that, grab the map of train network in Tokyo and decode it for yourself. Boarding trains in Japan could be challenging due to language barrier and typical signboards. Once you work out the logic, it will be all the way easier and you will be on your own.

Tsukiji fish market

If you are not a vegetarian, visit this place to understand the basics of Japanese food culture. See how fishes are transported, handled, cut and served. Enjoy the best sushi or sashimi or cooked recipes in this market. The tuna cutting show takes place early in the morning. The place can be reached from Tsukiji station on Metro subway Hibiya line.

Meiji Jingu (Shrine)

This is a beautiful shrine in the mid of small jungle within Tokyo. Enjoy nature and beauty of Japanese construction here. If you are lucky, you may be able to see a traditional marriage ceremony. The place is at walkable distance from JR line as well as Meiji Jingumae station on Chiyoda line.

Harajuku - city / street of young people

Harajuku is the most happening place for the young and otaku generation. You will see people in colorful cosprays. You can do some shopping for your young friends. The place is at a walk-able distance from Meiji Shrine. You may also visit Omotesandou, a upscale shopping area which is again at a walk-able distance from here.


Shopping and window shopping in Japan is defined by Ginza. Visit Ginza to meet all the key brands from across the world. On weekends, the streets of Ginza are walking heavens that means no traffic and all of the roads is yours to walk. If you spend more time here, you may have to push some of the itinerary to next day. Nearby stations are Ginza station on Ginza line & Hibiya line. 

Imperial Palace

From Ginza, you can quickly reach the imperial palace. At imperial palace you can enjoy take a picture for yourself at the beautiful Nijyubashi and pine tree garden with backdrop of high-rise buildings of Marunouchi. This is a great amalgamation of nature and technology. The picture is perfect in winter when the ground of pine trees is covered with snow.


You can then take a walk to the Tokyo station through the high-rise buildings of Marunouchi. Feel the Japanese technology of high-rise buildings in this earthquake prone country. And as you cut through the Marunouchi area, you will be the red brick Tokyo station. 

Zoujouji Temple

Take Mita line from Tokyo station and get down at Onarimon station to reach this temple. A large temple with lof of peace in the mid of bustling city. See daimon and onarimon gates which are the heritage structures. Also see the museum in the basement of the temple.

Tokyo Tower

As the sun sets, visit this powerful tower. I have always been amused by the beauty and power of this tower. You may go up to the tower decks at 150m and 250m height. You may also enjoy the wax museum and tasty soba noodles at the 2nd and 3rd floor. Tower is just behind the Zoujouji Temple.

Shibuya - the scramble square

Most of you would know Hachiko, the master's dog. Shibuya is famous for the statue of Hachiko. Shibuya is also the busiest and most happening place in Tokyo. Take a walk across the scramble crossing just in front of the station. If you are coming from Tokyo tower, you will have to change the train line 1-2 times to reach Shibuya. May be, you can walk 15 min to Hamamatsucho station on JR line and then take the same line for 20 min to Shibuya station.


And finally, before you start back to your hotel or home, try this Karaoke thing, a specialty in Japan. You can sing, dance, eat in your own private cabin. You can find Japanese, western, Chinese and Korean songs very easily. Not sure of the songs from other countries.

Top / best things to see / do in Tokyo - Day 2

On a different day, you can visit the following places

Edo Tokyo museum

Visit this museum in Ryogoku on JR line to understand the evolution of Tokyo. Enjoy the Japanese culture and history through loads of real life size and miniature artifacts.

Sumo wresting

From the Edo Tokyo museum you can walk up to the Sumo wresting Kokugikan stadium. I would recommend you to see the boughts for an hour between 5pm to 6pm. You can also see the city and Sumo gurukuls around and may be eat a nabe here. And yes, do not forget to take a picture with the sumo wrestler. This is the one you will show to you friends once back home.


Take JR line ride for few minutes from Ryogoku station straight to Akihabara station, the electronic town of Tokyo. This town is full of large electronics malls. And if you walk into the backstreets, you might find some specialized gadgets and parts. Surprisingly, many large electronics shops also sell variety of souvenirs for good price. 

Asakusa Sensouji Temple

From Akihabara backstreets, take Ginza line to reach Asakusa, one of the oldest temples in Tokyo. Visit the temple around 6pm to enjoy the lights. However, by 7pm everything is closed here. The huge gate (kaminarimon) will welcome you. Then the colorful shopping street, the illuminated pagoda and the temple will amuse you.

Sky tree

From Asakusa you can walk to sky tree within 20min. If you are tired, you can take the Hibiya line or taxi. At 634m, this is the tallest tower in the world. You can climb the tower decks at 250m and 350m to see a bird eye view of Tokyo city. You can also enjoy the aquarium in the tower.

Other places to visit in Tokyo

You can spend half to one full day shopping, enjoying amusement, nature and illumination. This is a place for families to enjoy. Reach Odaiba by Yurikamome line that starts from Shimbashi station on JR Yamanote Line. 

Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySEA

No need to mention anything about this amusement park. You all know it. Reach here (Maihama station) by Keio line or by bus from Urayasu station on Tozai line.

Shinagawa Aquarium

Large scale aquarium in Shinagawa on JR Yamanote line. The dolphin show here is amazing. Great place for all members of family across all age groups

Rinkai Park

Huge park within Tokyo. You can enjoy sea face, Japan's largest giant wheel, bird watching, toy train, seasonal barbecue and can also take a ferry to Tokyo Bay.

Shinjuku Gyoen

A huge park in Shijuku district. You can enjoy the beauty of Japanese style parks here. This is the place to visit during the season of cherry (sakura) blossoms. You can walk to the park from Shinjuku Gyoenmae station on Marunouchi line.


The western corner of Tokyo. See the large dam, hiking to mountains of 2000m range and the greenery. Must visit place in the Koyou (fall) season.

Places in prefectures around Tokyo that can be visited from Tokyo

Mount Fuji & Lakes around

Shizuoka prefecture

Izu islands

Shizuoka prefecture


Shizuoka prefecture

Nikko temples & waterfall

Tochigi prefecture

Fuji safari

Shizuoka prefecture

Tobu (miniature) world square

Tochigi prefecture